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P.A.C.E. group is a group of doctors, medical students & interns, psychologists, volunteers & social workers, who are working to prevent addictions to tobacco & related substances.

Tobacco is an evil in many forms like bidi, cigarette, chillum, hookah, gutkha, pan-masala, masheri etc. Nicotine, the culprit chemical of tobacco is harmful to our body. We have to stay away from it. In addition, tobacco becomes a gateway to hell. It can drag one into the horrifying depths of more serious addictions like that of alcohol, opium, cocaine, heroin etc. A single experience of these drugs can be addictive. So, we have to think as to what we can do to prevent addictions.

L.B.S.Highschool  30th Sept 2015
I.T.I. Aundh,     27th Dec 2019
H.D.P. School Solapur             15th Feb 2019
New India school 19th Dec2017
H.D.P. School,   Solapur             15th Feb 2019
Gram Prabodhini School, Maval,, 20th March 2018
Dnyan Sagar  Vidya Mandir  Bhosari 29th Jan 2019
Sushilabai Virkar School   8th Sept 2017
Shri Jain Gurukul Prashala, Solapur 14th Feb 2019
New India        School              19th Dec 2017

PHOTOS OF PACE EVENTS Across maharashtra (INDIA) 2011-2023

Considering all these factors we have to work on many levels.  We have to see that these substances are not available near schools. But we know that legislations are not enough. We have to educate children in a way that they can understand, so that they themselves can emphatically and proudly say “NO” to these addictions. This is an age- group which has grown away from moral stories and inspirational sermons. They do not comprehend the future risk and fear of getting cancer. The message has to be delivered with help of things that appeal to them i.e. through audiovisual medium.

Parents have to keep in mind that children are someday, sometime going to experiment. It is in such times that children have to be guided, supported and explained with love. The fear of scolding and corporal punishment keep children away from parents and the opportunity to communicate is lost. Parents have to be vigilant, but not turn into bodyguards. Amiable communication should be developed. In this difficult phase, children should be able to rely on their parent`s support. They should be able to tell the truth without any hesitation. Even parents will have to prepare themselves psychologically. Expert helpline can guide them.
We are sure that this campaign can achieve both the objectives.

We have selected the powerful tool of audiovisual presentation for this purpose. And are providing a DVD to volunteers that will effectively convey the message of anti-addiction to all. Copyright of films in the DVD are @P.A.C.E. Group, Pune and any use without our consent is liable for a legal action.

PACE Team Members

Dr Vandana Joshi PACE NGO.jpeg

Dr Vandana Joshi

(Hon. President, PACE)

dr sangeeta mahajan for PACE website.jpeg

Dr. Sangeeta Mahajan

(Hon. Secretary, PACE)

Anuya Chabukswar PACE NGO.jpeg

Mrs. Anuya Chabukswar

(Hon. Treasurer, PACE)

AMC PHOTO 3.jpeg

Mr. Avinash Chabukswar 
(Director, CTech Engineers Pvt Ltd)


temp (9).jpeg

Dr. Nitin Abhyankar


temp (10).jpeg

Dr. Varsha Vaidya,
(Community Medicine Specialist)


Dr. Savita Deo - Psychologist - PhD in Substance Abuse.JPG

Dr. Savita Deo
(PhD in Substance Abuse)


Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 5.23.24 PM.png

Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni
(Breast Cancer Surgeon)


Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 5.28.54 PM.png

Dr. Amol Deshpande
(E.N.T Surgeon)


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